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Believer. Dreamer. Author.


John Williams' spiritual adventure blossomed at the age of 15 during the Jesus Movement in the late 1960s. His brother came home from Vietnam, dragged him to church and that was it. Saved, once and for all. John began to play guitar, write songs and perform at churches and concerts. John wrote all the songs on an album he recorded in 1976 called Perfect Peace. This opened him up to the endless possibilities of his creative nature. Once the Charismatic Movement died down, John briefly attended bible college where he entered an annual poetry contest.  “Do you want to win an easy $25?” the flyer read.  John’s friend encouraged him to enter, so right then and there, he scribbled a poem on a napkin. 


A bed two bibles one roughly open,

One roughly torn, another resting on my shelf.

Rain dripping heavily at my window,

Wind blowing.

I can’t sleep.

A bed two bibles one roughly open,

One roughly torn, another dusty one on my shelf.

An ashtray, two crumpled, smoked butts

They just lie there, tired.

The T.V. in the other room.

Why does it throw my parents to a trance?

I hate you T.V.

But I have a bed two bibles one roughly open,

One roughly torn, another dirty one on my shelf,

Saying  “read me.”


She typed the poem up, and a week later John was congratulated at Chapel for winning the contest. The poem was read to the student body and John received a $25 check while shaking hands all around.  John suddenly became a paid published and read author at the age of nineteen.

Prior to these accomplishments, John’s high school art teacher chose his unique art to be displayed at Oregon Congressman Dellenback’s office for a whole year.  John graduated from the University of Oregon in Political Science in 1982 and currently lives in sunny Arizona with his wife Christine.


John's Debut book will be released in 2020 - follow us on social media to get updates!

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